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Ruby on Rails. One of the fastest ways from idea to live product. Period.

Companies using Ruby on Rails to empower small teams to build big products. Github, Shopify, Hey are the biggest products you might know built by Rails. Your idea could be the next big thing.

Why our partners love Ruby on Rails

What can Ruby on Rails give you

We fell in love with Rails years ago. Then it matured and became a rock solid foundation of many on-line businesses. Find out why!

It is stable

The Ruby world is stable. It is unusual to see that much churn as in the Javascript ecosystem. We have a solution for everything.

It is supported

Big companies rely on Ruby on Rails. They even employ teams to work on the Ruby language or on the Ruby on Rails framework.

It is quick to work with

We were amazed how fast we can build things with Ruby on Rails when we were first introduced to it. The magic is still here and you can build on top of it. 

It is opinionated

A Ruby on Rails application has a  stable structure. Any developer will find the right code when working on your Ruby on Rails project.

Testing is built in

Maintenance is much easier when there are tests in the application. All the tools are in place to make it happen.

Ruby is easy to read

The core of any application is the business logic. It is a great benefit that it is easy to read and understand.

We do world-class development and maintenance

Build your new product with Ruby on Rails!

You can grow fast and iterate swiftly with us based on the productivity of the Ruby on Rails framework. We also let you follow the development process closely, so you can see the progress day to day. 

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Enjoy the safety of a long-term partnership!

We celebrated the 10th birthday of App Maintainers last summer. This journey wouldn't be possible without our long-term partners. Some of them have been working with us for 8 years now. 

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Let us do the maintenance work!

We started App Maintainers because we realised that we liked maintenance work. Upgrading, refactoring, making an application better: these all fit into our long-term philosophy. We enjoy to work on meaningful projects.

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Scale your team with us!

Are you looking for a way to extend your team? We do it. Many of our clients treat us like internal employees and we adapt to their workflows. We also teach and train juniors, who can be involved in your projects for long-term sustainability, further reducing bus factor.

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Reflections on the development / maintainance journey

What our partners say

Alongside green field development, we have been happily upgraded Rails codebases frome Rails 2 to Rails 7 and made further development possible.

We have been working with App Maintainers for almost a decade - and it's not without reason. They have received even our craziest ideas with such care, creativity, and patient professionalism that we almost consider them as members of our own team.

Gergely Lukácsházi

CEO at UrbanDialog

The quality of software development service delivered by App Maintainers is instrumental in the success of our application. App Maintainers are dedicated, highly professional and it has bee a please to work with them. They were extremely responsive when we faced high severity issues and ensured it is solved in time. They have proposed innovative solutions to some of change requests which has elevated the quality of our application.

Kathyayini Pasupulati

Information Management Officer at UNHCR

You won't regret it. We've seen amazing results already. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

Elen Benitez

CPO at Nigodo
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