We do tailor made software development and maintenance

Our solutions can be used on any device. You can even make our responsive web applications available as mobile apps.

9 years

Solution building


Finished projects


Hours spent well

Business opportunities

What you can always expect

We extend your idea

We provide outstanding knowledge

Our team is made up of experienced and helpful developers who do their utmost to ensure that the development process is traceable and effective.

We think long term

It is true that we have more than 50+ completed projects behind us, but we are most proud of the business relationships we have had for more than 8 years.

We value your experience

It is not just words that show that we treat our customers as partners. We build on your experience and are happy to work with the tools you are used to if they work.

We ship quickly

It's hard to believe, but we can deliver software with serious functionality in weeks. Ready, finished, running in a live environment.

We love maintenance

Unlike others, we specialised specifically in maintenance at the beginning. Although we now mainly work on new developments, maintenance-type requests are not rare. We are particularly happy about these!

We provide flexibility

We are not asking you to make a long-term commitment. Experience the benefit of our flexibility to adapt to your resource needs!

Our management

We understand the language of business and IT

Our founders have been in the digital space for a long time, but they speak the language of customers as well as computers.

Erdős Bence

Operational Lead

It's more than 10 years that I left my engineering career to build and manage App Maintainers Ltd. My software development, lecturing & leadership experiences helped me in this journey. I still love programming and excited about evolving my organisation development skills.

Juhász Attila

Technical Lead

I always watch with excitement and curiosity as a new product is created from scratch during development. My 20 years of development experience, leadership and coaching skills help our projects succeed.

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We know that every start is difficult. We are open and interested partners who understand the language of business and technology. We are happy to help you define your next step!

Clients to be proud of



Tailor-made software

Built exactly for the evolving needs of our client. They collect & prioritise inputs from educational institutions and we turn them into software.

Long-term cooperation

First steps were back in 2013 and we continuously adjusted to their resource needs from a few hours per month to multiple full-time developers.

Changing technological challenges

From a simple Ruby on Rails app extending to a full API service that feeds browsers, native apps and other API consumers. We are providing different expertise to support their demand.


Enterprise Risk Management application

International Competition

Winning our first international tender in 2016 was very important for us. We were honoured to be invited and are proud to provide our development services since that.


Offering high availability and well-defined issue categorisation we provide a level of continuous support that allows our client to focus on their business objectives with as less interruption as possible.

Supporting a growing team

Imagine an inhouse software as a prototype that grew to support an international team of professionals on different levels of a global organisation. That's the route have been helping them.

Digital skills with business potential that you can build with us.

Online service, content management

We build, integrate and operate your unique web service.

Internal administration

A customized system with a simple interface can speed up and simplify the management and administration of company processes.

Backend API

Do you need a central system to which your different applications can connect? Want to connect to external services? We can help.

Central system for hardware devices

Do you have tools and want to make them available in a single interface?

User management

Create a central location for user data and permissions!

Monitoring & metrics

Create software to track business events and display the results!

Email & SMS delivery

Send an email when business events occur. Send SMS to your priority customers!

Video & image processing

Manage documents, images, videos and display them in the place and format you want!

Data processing

Do you have to process huge amounts of data periodically? Create a custom solution!

Error handling

Want to be informed about errors your customers may encounter? Do you want your developers to react within the framework of your SLA? Ask us for a quote!


Do you have data but can't find anything in it? Make it searchable and unlock its potential!

API integration

Have you noticed a practical service you would like to integrate? We can help!


Want to sleep easy knowing the platform you've built is up to date and fresh?

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App Maintainers

We develop and maintain custom applications for our long-term partners.

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