Work with us!

Have a long- term growth path in your career!

The App Maintainers team is a great place to work at. We have real world Ruby on Rails and React projects. We help you grow.

We have a great team to belong to.
We are good in teaching and mentoring developers.
We value work-life balance.

Join us and work with Ruby & React!

We are looking for junior / medior developers.

Our core values

What to expect in our team

We have been working on various projects for years. We value good partnerships and long-term thinking. This gives the opportunity for everyone to growth.

Learn from experts

Our team members are excellent developers who have real world knowledge. We are ready to share this with you and empower you to be part of it.

Be in a good company

We do various events to make place for discussions and fun. Once a month we gather for playing board games and have a few beers together outside of work.

Lean management

We keep the comminucation distance minimal between development and project management. You can enjoy to have direct impact on the projects you work on.

Office and remote work

We have a comfortable office filled with various foods and drinks because we think it helps us to make our best during the work. Remote is also built into our culture, so you can choose what fits you best.

Share your success

You are not alone. Being in a team means that we share our success stories and we follow everyone during the journey of becoming a better developer.

Long-term philosophy

We know that many things in life take time. We are commited to the personal development of our employees as to our long-term partners. We value work-life balance.

Why don't we know each other?

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We are a small and friendly team, don't hesitate to contact us!

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