Big time for a product!

You have an idea, we have the expertise to build it

We know that building a product is a long-term game. We are here to help you on this journey! We develop tailor-made software built on top of Ruby on Rails and React. 


We can build your web application and serve mobile devices at the same time

Most of the applications we work on have a solid server side business logic. Keeping logic at your server brings safety into the table. We can also serve mobile devices through API or mobile web. This setup works great in practice and can scale to millions.

Instant feedback by an agile team

We will minimise your business risks by letting you see progressing features any time.

Integrations made easy

We can integrate to APIs to extend your abilities. And you can also provide your own APIs for other businesses with ease.


Tests and processes for safety

Your application will have an extended test suite and a CI/CD pipeline to ensure that everything is deployed as planned.

Hosting stacks, where products live

Clouds we deploy to every week

Our clients come with tools they like to work with. We respect their choiches.

Words from our CTO, Attila Juhász

We understand the language of business and IT at the same time. This can be a real advantage for you.

We value a good connection with our partners. It means that we try to achieve your goals not just clear off the task list. We also give honest feedback, so you can plan and change your actions in case anything comes up during development which could disturb your vision.

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What to build?

Business potentials that you can build with us

We do tailor-made softwares. None of them are the same. We see, however, repeating functionalities that many businesses might need.


Online content management

We build, integrate and operate your unique content based website. It might be a community portal or a marketing product.


Workflow automation, internal administration

We can build a customized system with a simple interface which can speed up and simplify the management and administration of company processes.


Inbound & outbound backend API

Do you need a central system to which your different applications can connect? Want to connect to external services? We can help.


Central hub for hardware devices to connect to

Do you have tools and want to make them available in a single interface? Do you need to sync your data from various sources? We can architect it.


Sending or receiving transactional messages

We can send and receive different types of messages in a programmed way so you can automate your operations. 


Security measures to give you ease of mind

We offer you to sleep easy knowing the platform you've built is up to date and runs on the latest and greatest version. 


Case study / Kinteract

We have been helping Kinteract for years by fulfilling various business requirements. We are thrilled by their operation with their ability to scale the business.

Tailor-made software

Built exactly for the evolving needs of our client. They collect & prioritise inputs from educational institutions and we turn them into software.

Long-term cooperation

First steps were back in 2013 and we continuously adjusted to their resource needs from a few hours per month to multiple full-time developers.

Changing technological challenges

From a simple Ruby on Rails app extending to a full API service that feeds browsers, native apps and other API consumers. We are providing different expertise to support their demand.

High level overview

These numbers show our long-term commitment

As we focus on the current tasks, it surprises even us how many hours we spent to build solutions for our business partners. We are proud to have these numbers behind us.




Years of Rails expertise


Development hours

Business oportunities


Case study / UNHCR

It was a pleasure to work with the UNHCR ERM team. We enjoyed their deep understanding of the application and the data they operate with. Their mission also motivated us to make our best.

International Competition

Winning our first international tender in 2016 was very important for us. We were honoured to be invited and are proud to provide our development services until 2023.


Offering high availability and well-defined issue categorisation we provide a level of continuous support that allows our client to focus on their business objectives with as less interruption as possible.

Supporting a growing team

Imagine an inhouse software as a prototype that grew to support an international team of professionals on different levels of a global organisation. That's the route have been helping them.

Some of our beloved partners

Trusted by organisations in various sizes

We have been helping startups, NGOs, charities and municipalities for years to meet their development needs.

Reflections on the development / maintainance journey

What our partners say

Alongside green field development, we have been happily upgraded Rails codebases frome Rails 2 to Rails 7 and made further development possible.

We have been working with App Maintainers for almost a decade - and it's not without reason. They have received even our craziest ideas with such care, creativity, and patient professionalism that we almost consider them as members of our own team.

Gergely Lukácsházi

CEO at UrbanDialog

The App maintainers team, have worked with UNHCR on a long term project (8 years) – The Risk Register Tool. It is a simple yet an extremely efficient tool in capturing the risk information for country operations. This tool serves its purpose very well and it is highly appreciated by the colleagues in fields due to its simplicity. The quality of software development service delivered by App Maintainers is instrumental in the success of our application. App Maintainers are dedicated, highly professional and it has been a pleasure to work with them. They were extremely responsive when we faced high severity issues and ensured it is solved in time. They have proposed innovative solutions to some of change requests which have elevated the quality of our application.

Kathyayini Pasupulati

Information Management Officer at UNHCR

You won't regret it. We've seen amazing results already. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

Elen Benitez

CPO at Nigodo
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